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This service allow you to access remote compute power from your browser. Based on Jupyter Notebook and JupyterHub, it permit to reserve compute power and release it on-demand. At this time, Python 2&3 are supported.

What is Jupyter

Project Jupyter is an open source project was born out of the IPython Project in 2014 as it evolved to support interactive data science and scientific computing across all programming languages. Jupyter will always be 100% open source software, free for all to use and released under the liberal terms of the modified BSD

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You'll needs LOPS-IUEM account, this is necessary to map your homedir from Salle-Calcul@LOPS-IUEM. If you don't have an account @LOPS-IUEM, please create an issue by email (for UBO mail users only) or contact Tristan.